Israel Scared that Russia Might Equip Syria with S-300 Missiles - Google Image labelled for public reuse

The announcement that Russia plans to provide S-300 missiles to Bashar al-Assad after the attack led by the United States Saturday has raised much concerns in Israel.

The sale of the long-range ground-air defense system was halted since the beginning of the war in Syria due to Western reluctance to rearm the regime, however now, the Israeli Armed Forces believe that the deployment of the S-300 rockets can shield Damascus from future retaliatory actions, defense analysts told the Hebrew press Sunday.

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Shortly after the joint bombing from the United States, France and the United Kingdom against targets ( assumed ) linked to the Syrian chemical weapons program, General Sergei Rudskói assured that Russia was willing to examine the supply of S-300 missiles to Syria. 

Equipped with Soviet-made systems more than 30 years old, the Syrian anti-aircraft defense intercepted, according to Moscow, seven out of ten cruise missiles fired Saturday by warships and Western warplanes.

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Israel has launched more than a hundred air operations over Syria during the civil conflict that erupted seven years ago, mostly against convoys and weapons depots destined for Hezbollah, ( so they claim ), the Lebanese Shiite militia allied with Assad with which it waged a war in 2006


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