Israel is definitely privately supplying military services assist to Khalifa Haftar, leader with the Libyan National Military, one of many groups in the Libyan Civil Conflict.

In accordance with a United kingdom based magazine, Libya has stayed in a condition of battle ever since 2011.

A popular uprising supported by the West and their partners resulted in the collapse or death of the country’s dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Typically the most powerful faction within the continuing Libyan Civil Warfare may be the eastern based Tobruk-led Govt, which is associated with the Libyan National Armed forces (LNA).

The leader from the LNA is actually Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, an old-time foe of Colonel Gaddafi, that resided in America under Washington’s DC protection for a number of decades, just before going back to Libya in the year 2011 to launch the military offensive. Read Full Story Here.


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