Ivanka Teased her Dad's Hair. is it True? well, some say it is. Archived photo.

The eldest daughter of the US president made fun of her father’s supposed “scalp reduction surgery”, according to sources.

She treated her father with a degree of detachment, even irony, going so far as to make fun of his hair to others, often describing to her friends the mechanics behind the hairstyle.”

“It would not be surprising if this is one of the anecdotes that Trump finds especially annoying: The president is proud of his hair, and on windy days, Trump usually has something on his head. The make America Great Again, his campaign slogan, to make sure everything is in order. ” he said.

The White House does not know its priorities

Katie Walsh, the deputy head of the White House, asked presidential adviser Jared Kushner what the administration wanted to achieve, something for which Trump’s son-in-law had no answer, according to Zurcher.

“‘Just tell me the three things the president wants to focus on,’ he asked (Walsh). ‘What are the three priorities of this White House?’ … After six weeks of Trump’s presidency, Kushner remained unanswered.”

Anthony Zurcher said:It is common for a new administration to take some time to find its balance, but in the case of Trump, the situation is especially serious, prioritising has clearly been a challenge, and the difficulties in achieving health reform have pursued the Trump presidency for almost a year. “

“Let Obamacare fail”: the strategy of Donald Trump before the impossibility of the Republican Party to abolish and replace the current health law in the United States.


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