Donald Trump promised to “buy American and hire American” but his daughter Ivanka’s products are an exception and in the months since his arrival to the presidency tons of shoes, handbags and clothing have left China for the United States, according to customs records Examined.

While the new president of the United States accused China of “stealing” US jobs producing cheaper, his daughter Ivanka’s products are made in that country.

Since Trump’s election, at least 1,600 leather wallets, two tons of 100% polyester blouses and 23 tons of Ivanka shoes “made in China” have crossed the Pacific.

A merchandise distributed in more than 80 shipments: almost one per working day has passed through US customs since the elections from November 8 to the end of February. And that, even though Donald Trump virulently attacked the multinationals that relocate their production outside the United States.

Orders continue to arrive, according to the Chinese companies that manufacture these products.

The business of the president’s daughter has been the subject of controversy since Nordstrom decided in early February to withdraw the Ivanka Trump line from its shelves. Nordstrom denied that the decision was politically motivated and simply explained that the brand no longer had any benefits, especially since the end of last year.

Nordstrom’s decision was strongly criticized by the US president, who even encouraged his supporters to buy his daughter’s products, and his circle.

In his address to Congress, Donald Trump boasted that he had persuaded Ford and other multinationals to repatriate part of their production. But he has not said a word about his daughter’s business since he was elected.

Both Donald and Ivanka Trump claimed that they no longer controlled their business interests and that they were entrusted to their relatives while the multimillionaire remained in the White House. But neither have they sold their companies, which would authorize them to take back the reins of their businesses after the end of Trump’s term.

At the end of February, Ivanka attended the White House to a meeting in the presence of a dozen representatives of the American industry in which his father promised “to do everything to repatriate jobs”.

A spokeswoman for the Ivanka brand said the company “shared the interest of industry leaders to increase the industry presence in the United States” and “was eager to participate in this conversation.”

But apparently not immediately: At least one company in southern China has already received an order for 10,000 shoes for next season, according to the Chinese daily newspaper Global Times.


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