Joan with her young kids, Tara (left) 4, and Sacha (left) 2 in the 1960s - Conspiracy Talk News - File Image

In a meet with Joan Collins’ son who candidly address long-circulating speculation regarding his father.

The son of actress Joan Collins, claimed his late father Anthony Newley was a “pedophile”. Sacha Newley, Fifty-two, created these accusations direct at his late biological father, actor as well as singer-songwriter, in a interview with Sunday Times Magazine.

However Joan Collins has firmly rejected Sasha’s accusations.

Sasha Newley, Joan Collins, with Anthony Newley – Archived Photo

She explained in the report: “As far and i’m concerned it is completely not true. I’ve absolutely nothing more to add.” It came just as the performer Sasha geared up to push out a memoir on his years as a child in the show biz industry, titled Unaccompanied Minor.

While being interview, Sacha addressed speculation regarding his daddy. He was quoted saying: “He was a pedophile. My father was attracted to youthfulness.

“He believed innocence was an aphrodisiac. That’s his sexual proclivity and it is a very dangerous, destructive thing.”

Sacha included as youngster he experienced sex on a regular basis. He stated: “My dad put sex front and center. He subjected me to all of that – it had been absolutely improper.”

This performer professed that his father’s X-rated 1969 motion picture is really a “confession of pedophilia”.

The movie, written & directed by Anthony and stared Collins as the on-screen spouse Polyester Poontang.

In the mean time Sacha and sister Tara, right now 54, played as the couple’s kids. He explained: “Mercy Humppe is the ‘perfect child-lover’ ? an underage girl. He [Tony] did not peg her age precisely, however it falls in the [Roman] Polanski thing.”

Sacha told Conspiracy Talk News he thought the show has been autobiographical and just what it exposed with regards to his father, resulted in the breakdown of his parents’ marrage.

They separated following a horrible courtroom war back in the early 1970.

He passed away at aged 67 in the late 90 s after struggling with severe cancer.


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