AR 8255-3D

John F. Kennedy Shooting revisited more then 55 Years Later, a sniper using a powerful firearm was able to set him self up within a building overlooking the street where the president’s motorcade was due to pass by. He took very careful aim and fired.

The scalp of JFK was blown to pieces. This was a criminal offense which has lived on within people’s minds for the past 50 years because of the horror and the unexpected nature of it. Nevertheless the shooter them-self was then shot and killed by a man that stormed in to the environment of the police with a gun.

The guy was within police custody when this happened. The person had been handcuffed with dozens of people about him and still it happened. This is what the United States of America is like. Even when surrounded by officers from the law one is not necessarily safe and sound.

Without the culprit the the right answers were unavailable as to the reasons this took place? Even though the man was coupled to the shooting via his finger prints on the boxes on which he sat as well as on the gun that had been left inside and also on those bullets, etc. you will discover puzzles unresolved.

The world had been affected by that assassination and waited to get the right answers. But the truth remain that there are more killings by handgun wielding attackers in this country compared to any place else in the western world. With that variety of statistics it is impossible to understand the reason why political figures and men and women alike prefer to preserve possession of guns a top priority.

Children as early as those in kindergarten have been targeted and killed. Mothers and fathers weep for any family members they can no longer hold dear. Family members, close friends, educators and associates all endure from the death of such individuals and still there isn’t any shifting to a commonsense approach towards banning specific ownership of these weapons.


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