It’s such a ridiculous joke.

Obama has released an “I’m with her” video (below) endorsing Hillary for president and gushing over how she’s made history as the first woman nominee for president and how she’s more qualified than anyone else in the whole country to be the next president of the United States and he just can’t wait to get out there and start campaigning for her.

Such a joke. Of course he would endorse her. A deal was obviously made back when they were campaigning, but aside from that, who else would gleefully continue or likely ramp up every horrible policy he put in place?

And… how utterly strange that, despite the fact that Hillary uploaded it to her official channel where it has nearly 21,000 views and 2,819 thumbs down at the time of writing this, there are ZERO comments in the comments section! That’s right. Talk about the irony of censorship while Obama is up there talking about how Hillary embodies all of “our” values (“our” meaning the establishment and not the people who have obviously had all of their comments erased from her video).

Kinda like she can’t wait to start erasing amendments from the Bill of Rights…

It’s so cute, he even threw in the thoroughly debunked situation room photo from the supposed Bin Laden raid.

Source: The Daily Sheeple


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