The former president of Uruguay José Mújica during his speech in a meeting with high school students accompanied by Cantabrian chief of staff, Miguel Angel Revilla. Pedro Puente Hoyos EFE

Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica (2010-2015) said today about the election of Donald Trump as “the problem” is not the tycoon but “the people who follow him”.

Mujica, 81, participated in a nearly two-hour meeting with high school students of Santander (northern Spain), where he said that in his opinion the worst thing about the victory of the Republican candidate is that “he establishes a very strong pathology.”

“Trump and Clinton are different versions of the same,” said the former president, who believes that “if Trump applies some of what he promised, the consequences can be dramatic,” although he was optimistic with the “hope” that the president Elected to be “somewhat demagogic” in campaign and “would do little of what he promised.”

On a decision of Colombians to reject the peace agreement with the FARC guerrillas in the plebiscite last October 2, Mujica also remembered that “there were more people who did not vote than the ones who voted”, emphasized the need to continue to fight so that the peace process can “lead to a negotiated peace”.

Regarding the situation of Uruguay under the current presidency of Tabaré Vázquez, he said that “the country if it is not better it is because the circumstances are quite complicated”, because, among other things, the Uruguayan economy depends on Brazil and Argentina, which are together with China as the “main customers”.


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