Born on June 9th, 1973 in Sonora, California, the American singer, songwriter, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and superb husband Josh Pfeiffer has done it all.

The songs are very appealing and are sure to take your heart away. Your mind just goes into the rewind mode when you listen to the masterpiece ‘Life’.

A true performer at heart, josh believes in creating songs which touch the sol of the people.

Residing in Sacramento, California with his wife, Tara Pfeiffer and three children, he has become a sensation on the Chart-busters. The popularity of the singer is increasing by leaps and bounds.

The journey of josh started when he released his first Jazz Genre LP: “American Crooner Act: 1” which featured the Big Band Standard covers and the original compositions like ‘life’, ‘beautiful girl’, ‘California days’, ‘where I want to be’ etc.

Josh has worked with numerous eminent personalities during his lifetime. He has featured Mic Gillette in his first album who is the founding member of Tower of Power and is a well-renowned trumpet player.

Josh was also fortunate enough to have worked along with Emmy award winner Alejandro Guimoye who directed his song ‘Life’.

The video is close to josh’s heart as it was made in the memory of his late parents, and features daughter Tamara Pfeiffer.

He has also worked with David Schram and Grammy award winner Joe Chiccarelli.

These two people have come together with Josh for the brand new song ‘Brand new Shoes’. Chiccarelli is the one selected to mixed the video of the song.

Not just a singer at heart, Josh is also known for his immense love for people.

He is a philanthropist.

Starting to donate in the year 2013, Josh not only donated and raised funds for the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross but also worked along hand in hand with the workers in order to ensure that awareness regarding these issues is spread wide across the country and the world as a whole.

The entrepreneur also pledged to re- release his song ‘life’ in the pop genre and to send the proceeds of the first six months of collection through the song to the North California Wildfire Victims.

Started from Discography to Studio Albums to Studio singles and to Brand New Shoes, the journey of this man has been an inspiration to the people at large.

The increased popularity of the singer can be well understood through the hikes noted in the iTunes charts, where the song of this singer debuted from #65 and has come up to number #63.

In the pop chart the number has peaked to #15.

This shows the sort of likelihood the common mass is developing for this song. People love the song and supporting it and voting for it to get to an even higher position.

In case, you are someone who has not yet listened to the songs of this singer, go ahead and listen to them because they are just fabulous!

Josh Pfeiffer – Instagram 


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