The republican nominee Donald trump has said that he would like to “cancel the election” and be declared the winner.

In a rally, he took a jab at rival democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and said that “her policies are too bad” and we have a big difference in our positions.

In a previous statement, he had signaled towards rejecting the poll results. He pronounced the elections “rigged” and blamed the media and establishment politicians of sabotaging his campaign. He even warned his followers that the presidency could be stolen from them through vote fraud.

This is not the first time he used such unusual statements for a politician. In all three presidential debates, he has bombed out. The polls conducted by popular media channels and websites clearly go in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In another presidential debate, he threatened to arrest Hillary should he win the election .This is a first in history of U.S. presidential election candidate threatening to arrest the other one.  Way to go Mr. Trump, I can personally say that you make me watch these debates just for that reason alone. It’s NEVER a dull moment; you are one colorful man to say the least.

In a recent poll, the popularity of Trump has dropped down by 6 % and Hillary is in a firm position to make her way to the white house.

“It’s frustrating,” Hillary Clinton stated in an interview. “I feel such a sense of obligation to people that, you know, I work at trying to make sure what I’m saying is appropriate, is accurate, conveying that to people. Everybody makes mistakes, don’t get me wrong, I obviously have made more than my share, but to run against somebody and debate somebody who is consistently just spewing forth falsehoods, and when you catch him, when you say, ‘No, wait a minute, you said this, you actually were on the record about this,’ ‘No I wasn’t. No I wasn’t.'”


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