This JFK assassination triggered a granddaddy of all United states conspiracy theories, using suspicion as to what genuinely happened emerging right after JFK’s death and recurring even now.

In 1966, half the country thought there were others over and above Oswald involved in the shooting, a proportion that went up by and to 81% in 1976, and then began to decline.

Following Oliver Stone’s JFK came out in 1991, belief elevated yet again. In the last several years, lower proportions have revealed they think others have been involved, but still about 6 in 10 Us residents say Oswald did not act alone and there was the official cover-up.

Although the official narrative with the JFK assassination may have been looked at with skepticism in 1966, the specifics of the conspiracy theories do not appear to have solidified at that time.
When asked who had been behind the assassination, 29% said they weren’t positive, and 14% wouldn’t say. Communists were mentioned by 11%, along with other probable collaborators and combinations by less than 10% of respondents.

Castro ended up being preferred for participation by nearly 1 / 3 of the country back in the 1970’s, but in 2013, the CIA and the the Mob were in the highest levels of suspicion.

Who Was Involved in the Kennedy Conspiracy




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