A police cruiser, hit this time in West Kendall by Justin Bieber's security guard. Raymond Arron / Conspiracy Talk News

For the second consecutive day, a Miami-Dade officer was injured after another car hit a patrol car from behind, this time it was Justin Bieber’s security chief.

The crash on Thursday morning ended in an arrest of a bodyguard of one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Michael “Mikey” Arana, 32, head of security for singer Justin Bieber, was arrested Thursday and charged with several counts of leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.

Michael “Mikey” Arana

Miami-Dade police said two police officers were hurt in the accident that occurred early morning at West Kendall. The policemen were taken to a hospital and shortly released and now are recovering in their homes.

Arana appeared in the 2016 documentary Bodyguards: “Secret Lives from the Watchtower” and is part of a security team that has been reinforced for the pop star in recent years, according to a 2016 Rolling Stone article.

“When you are a security guard, you need to be a leader, you need to take control of situations and understand how to communicate,” says Arana as he walks with Bieber prior to filming a scene.

Kendall Drive from Southwest 152nd to 157th  closed early on Thursday morning. According to CBS4, after a Miami-Dade police car suffered serious damage to the rear.

The accident with a police vehicle on Thursday was the second, two days in a row.

On Wednesday, a Miami-Dade police car was hit in North Miami and a woman had to be rescued from her burning car. The officer, who was stopped at a red light on Biscayne Boulevard and 135th Street, suffered minor injuries and helped rescue the driver who hit his patrol vehicle.

The identity of the driver and what led to the crashing into the police car have not been revealed.


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