Following its major success in the US, JUUL is taking the UK by storm. It is predicted to be the country’s next vaping trend.

With a goal to completely eliminate smoking by providing a safer alternative, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The world’s one billion smokers have never been happier with JUUL vape products.

Looking at the success of Juul, other companies like Ziip, Airbender, 3xpods, Bo, Myle, eonsmoke, 4xpods and many others are joining into the space for the race to the top but most of those brands are still only in the USA.

Who and What Is JUUL?

It was founded in 2015 by Adam Bowen and James Monsees, Stanford design student graduates who put their knowledge of industrial design and technology innovation to good use. Their idea was to create an e-cigarette product that is better than the existing ones on the market.

The goal is to encourage people to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

According to JUUL Labs CEO Tyler Goldman, “To do that, JUUL needs to have enough products to satisfy users’ nicotine cravings. To achieve our mission, we really need to make sure that we have enough pods per device, and if we’re not getting enough devices out into the marketplace, it means we’re not giving people the option to switch to JUUL.”

Based on the Nielsen data, JUUL has 27% share of the total dollar market of the e-cigarette category since 2015. This is equivalent to more than 1 million devices that have been sold in the US.

Since the company is on track to deliver 20 million JUUL pods every month before 2017 ends, it is expected to double in the next six months of the next year, according to company’s spokesperson.

JUUL vaporizers

The #1 independent vapor brand offers a compact and portable vaporizer that regulates the temperature of vapor and features an algorithmic puff consistency. This makes the brand stand among other similar smoking alternatives.

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It uses a close-loop temperature control algorithm to deliver power at a consistent level. It uses a nichrome coil system that is fired up by an industry standard wick to heat the Juice or e-liquid formula.

Nicotine Salts

What makes JUUL different is that its vaporizers use nicotine salts instead of the free-base nicotine. The salts are found in tobacco leaf, providing vapers the nicotine satisfaction they crave minus the harmful effects that come with standard cigarette burn.

It is described as ‘the iPhone of e-cigs’ by Men’s Fitness.

Each JUUL pod contains 0.7ml of juice with 5% nicotine. In terms of weight, this is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes, giving vapers a total of 200 puffs per pod.

Similar to other e-liquids, JUUL flavors come in different varieties, including Limited Edition ones. Some of the flavors on offer are creme brulee, cool mint, fruit medley, mango, and virginia tobacco.

JUUL is available for purchase through websites that carry JUUL starter-kits and JUULpods, such as DHgate and eBay.


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