JUUL somehow became one of the most popular vape devices among millennials surpassing searches for e-cigarette at one point.

When you ask the question why, most of the time the answer is simple. They say the shape. The device is a square shape as opposed to the traditional electronic cigarettes that well, look like a real cigarette. We assume the new generation of smokers want to disguise the fact that they are addicted to some form of nicotine.

            What we think the answer here is on why they make for a popular product is because they hold a lot of nicotine. JUUL used something clever to disguise the fact that each little pod they have contains 50 mg of nicotine. They disguised it by putting 5% on the packaging which means the same thing but to person shopping that doesn’t seem that high. In the ecig world, considering the fact that most vaporizers have a 1.5 mg which is .3% nicotine, 5% is 17 times that amount.

            Now having some knowledge of how electronic cigarettes work. We know that the devices using .3% have large coils that heat the liquid and produce a lot of vapor. The Juul device has a smaller coil which burns what they call ejuice, slower and produces less vapor. The coil in JUUL although is the same one used in cartridge systems found in other brands like Logic, Blu and Eonsmoke. These brands use a very similar size coil but carry cartridges only as high as 24mg which is 2.4% nicotine by volume. That is half the amount of nicotine as the JUUL device.

            Now it is already a known fact that nicotine is on the top 10 list for most addictive substances. Even though e-cigarettes are less dangerous than their predecessors the traditional tobacco cigarette. Studies show that electronic cigarettes eliquid content is still not healthy for you, especially when used in excess. The more nicotine content the more addictive the product is. So when you are making your selection of which e-cigarette to buy this holiday season. Consider the fact on how much nicotine you are inhaling. Also most companies allow you to buy smaller nicotine content than 2.4%. JUUL unfortunately right now only has the very high 5% (50 mg) nicotine as their only choice. They claim because the nicotine is salt derived that it is better for you than the other nicotine devices but there have been no studies to prove that.

            The answer to the question, if JUUL is more addictive than most of the previous versions of e-cigarettes? Yes because in some cases have 17 times the nicotine of a large vape has and at least double the nicotine of the cigalike and big tobacco brands.

We hope to see JUUL make pods with a lower nicotine content sometime in the near future.


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