Kabul Suicide Bomber Attacks killed 29 people and injured 49 and the count continues to grow

A minimum of 29 people, featuring 9 reporters, have been murdered with dozens of wounded following 2 explosions by Kabul Suicide Bomber Attacks, according to Afghan health authorities. 

The suicide bombers blew themselves up at rush hour traffic time, Monday, early morning inside the Shash Darak region of the Afghan capital.

Media reporters pointed out that the armed Islamic State Group of Iraq as well as the Levant (ISIL, likewise referred to as ISIS) professed responsibility with the strike.

Within the initial explosion, a suicide bomber detinated himself near to the Nationwide Directorate of Security (NDS), a key Afghan intelligence information organization, TOLO News quoted an internal administrative agency spokesperson as saying.

In the additional blast which quickly followed TWENTY mins later, a 2nd suicide bomber focus only on emergency health care workers and media people that come to investigate and offer support to victims.

It is suspected thought that this 2nd suicide bomber was actually dressed as a reporter.

The Afghan Media people Safety Council reported that 9 reporters who arrived to cover the after-effects from the initial blast were murdered in the secondary blast..

A representative with the Afghan health department claimed, the assaults killed a minimum of 29 men and women, injured 49 various other.

AFP news organisation disclosed its own chief professional photographer within Kabul, Shah Marai, was amongst the deaths.


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