Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey came out of the closet and declared how he chooses to live his life as a “gay man” and apologized to Anthony Rapp for his sexual misconduct 30 years back. In a Twitter post, Spacey shared how “he was beyond horrified” on hearing the story. Further, he publicly apologized to Star Trek actor for his “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior”.

Anthony Rapp Alleged Spacey of Sexual Misconduct At the Age of 14

In an interview published late Sunday with Buzzfeed, Rapp alleged Kevin of sexual misconduct with him when the actor was aged 14. He shared how Spacey invited him to his home in 1986 and when everyone was gone, tried to come onto him.

“I have a memory of turning around and thinking, What was that? What am I supposed to do with it? What does it mean? The older I get, and the more I know, I feel very fortunate that something worse didn’t happen.

And at the same time, the older I get, the more I can’t believe it. I could never imagine [that] anyone else I know would do something like that to a 14-year-old boy.”

He also shared how the Harvey incident enhanced and continued because there was no attention being paid to it.

He reportedly told the Associated Press the reason for him sharing his experience now is “to shine a light and hopefully make a difference”.

“I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out, to shine a light and hopefully make a difference, as they have done for me. Everything I wanted to say about my experience is in that article, and I have no further comment about it at this time.”, he told an Associated Press in a statement thereafter.

Kevin Spacey Came Out Of The Closet With A Twitter Declaration

Kevin Spacey responded to Anthony’s accusations with a twitter statement in which he shared his deepest apologies. He also mentioned how he doesn’t remember the incident which must have happened 30 years back but was beyond horrified for his deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.

He also expressed how this incident has “encouraged him to address other things about his life.” He confessed that he had many romantic encounters with both men and women and has decided to now live as a gay man.

He ended the note stating he wants to deal with everything “honestly and openly” starting with examining his own behavior.


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