North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, delivering a New Year's speech at an undisclosed location. James Allende – Conspiracy Talk News

SEOUL  (Conspiracy Talk News) – The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, on Monday urged his country to increase the production of nuclear warheads and missiles, in a New Years message with which he showed his will to fulfil his military ambitions.

Pyongyang intensified its nuclear and ballistic programs in 2017, despite the multiple sanctions of the UN and the increasingly threatening rhetoric of Washington.

Kim Jong-Un, who claimed to always have the nuclear button in his office, conducted in September the sixth  atomic test, the most powerful to date.

The leader, who also oversaw several intercontinental missile tests (ICBM) in 2017, said his country was “capable of hitting the continental United States” and had become a nuclear State.

“We must mass produce nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles and accelerate their deployment,” Kim said in his annual address to the nation.

US President Donald Trump responded to North Korean military operations by alternating threats – he pledged to the UN to “totally destroy” North Korea in the event of an attack – with insults to Kim, whom he described as “little rocket man” .

For some experts, Trump’s attitude could have had an effect contrary to the desired one, encouraging the North Korean regime to continue with its weapons programs. In fact, North Korea has ensured that its nuclear ambitions are the result of the US threat.

North Korea “can deal with any nuclear threat from the United States, has a strong 3/8 deterrent force capable of preventing the United States from playing with fire,” Kim said.

“The nuclear button is always on my desk. It is not blackmail, but reality, “he added, reiterating that his country is a nuclear State.


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