Kim Kardashian West’s Tweet

Kim Kardashian West slams Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily bans any refugees and citizens of some Muslim countries from entering the United States with cold hard statistics in her tweet captioned “Statistics”.

Kardashian, 36, shared a graphic on Twitter that showing the number of Americans killed annually by various reasons. The report showed that two people are killed by Islamic jihadist immigrants annually which was compared to 11,737 individuals killed by being shot by another American, indicating that he put a ban on the ‘wrong’ thing.

Kim Kardashian is one of the many celebrities who have gone on record about their disagreement with this executive order. Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen, Alec Baldwin and America Ferrera etc. have also spoken out on the matter.

Last year in November E! News reported that Kanye West reaffirmed his desire to become the President of United States in between performing his hits at San Jose, California. The rapper stated, “I’m concerned about putting our concept of how to do the [president’s] job in a new way and if no one will do it in that way, I will take position in 2020 and do it myself,”

The question now is that does this cryptic tweet by Kim Kardashian suggest that there is a ‘Kanye for President’ campaign cooking for 2020’s Presidential Elections?



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