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A new group has stepped up to take a stance against the Kinder Morgan pipeline project, and they call themselves the Justin Trudeau Brigade.

They got their inspiration for their name after the Canadian prime minister stated that the government only grants permits, it is the communities who will grant the permission for a pipeline.

This was a very poor attempt for the prime minister to try to justify his backpedalling on the pipeline debate. During his campaign for the position of prime minister he was adamant that he would not allow new pipelines to be placed in Canada, that opinion changed very quickly once he was in office and was even quoted as saying that “no country would allow their resources to just sit in the ground”.

Daily Blockades

The group has been participating in daily blockades in Burnaby in front of the Westridge Marine Terminal since the middle of last month. They arrive as early as 5 in the morning to attempt to delay, or block, any type of construction vehicle, or the vehicle of workers who are employed by the facility where oil tankers are loaded before being shipped overseas. While these protests have not really made a difference in the day to day activities at the Westridge Marine Terminal, the Prime Ministers words are ringing true in another area.


The Kinder Morgan pipeline project was originally scheduled to be up and running by December of next year, although they have gotten the go ahead from the government, they are now facing challenges when it comes to getting the permits from the local governments. They have had to push the deadline back twice, once to September of 2020 and now to December of 2020, which represents a huge loss of revenue to the tune of $270 million dollars, on top of the $800 million that was lost due to the first deadline being pushed back. Last week the NEB ruled that Kinder Morgan can finally start construction  on Burnaby Mountain, after months and months of delays.


The prime minister has been uncharacteristically quiet on this topic, suddenly acting like it isn’t something he really had much to do with. Regardless of anyone’s stance on the pipelines, it needs to be recognized by both the liberal and conservative groups that Justin Trudeau’s actions, statements and subsequent silence about the pipelines has been harmful to both the Canadian deficit and moral. By running with the loud opinion that he was against the pipelines, then lending his support after election, to finally saying that it is really up to the towns, he has only succeeded in putting liberals and conservatives against each other on a very important topic. This is something that could have been avoided if he was more concerned with bringing people together, instead of simply providing lip service.


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