Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter

The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was recently launched and the game collection was released to bridge a gap between the collection launched before and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title.

A few days before the western launch of the game, the game ending has been leaked. Well, thanks to the leak- Kingdom Heart 2.8 secret ending, we all will now have the idea on how Kingdom Hearts 3 will begin.

The game is available in limited edition which also includes a number goodies. You are expected to get a cool collectible case with a back cover, along with something that the pin collectors will enjoy.

You can also see Sora, Donald and Goofy as they start the adventure in the next game. Right after a few exchanges, Yen Sid orders Sora and her Crew to visit Olympus.

Whereas, the final sequence is a Kingdom Hearts 2.8 secret ending, so now the players will really have to work hard in order to see what Sora and her Crew will be up to.


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