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The Klondike Highway is one of the most epic routes in the world, a memory of that gold rush that put Yukon on the map for the first time in history, and where it is easy to find moose and bears along the way.

The Klondike Highway really starts in Alaska, in Skagway, by the sea and ascends to the port of Chilkoot to cross alpine landscapes on the way to Carcross, in the land on which Jack London wrote so much.

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Much of the route coincides with the Gold Rush Trail , the route of the gold prospectors. The road leads to Whitehorse, which offers art and organic bakeries, and continues to the eccentric Dawson City where it is convenient to stay a few days.

From here you can take a day trip to the Tombstone Territorial Park to contemplate its grandeur.

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If we follow the Top of the World Highway (Hwy 9), we will cross the mountains to the Alaska border, and continue through the United States and up the Alaska Highway to Beaver Creek in Yukon. The road between this point and Haines Junction is sublime; It goes parallel to the Kluane National Forest and the Saint Elias Mountains.

The spectacular Haines Highway leads to Haines (Alaska), the final point of the trip.

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