Astronaut Yang Liwei in Shenzhen 5 spacecraft . Photo by

Above is a photo of astronaut Yan Liwei that heard the mysterious knocks outside his space ship named Shenzhen 5.  Photo courtesy of

A reporter for the China Central TV sated that Liwei kept on hearing these mysterious knocking sounds coming from just outside his space craft during his flight.

This experienced space traveler from china was born in 1965 the month of June in the Liaoning Province northeaster side who shortly after his career as spaceman graduated to the position of general as well as holding the honor of being the first Chinese astronaut and the 241 person from earth to reach outer space, all this transpired when he stepped out of the craft into space after nearly 21 hrs flight time.

In a resent interview he reported saying “I have heard in space a knock that appeared from time to time”

“This sound suddenly appeared from nowhere” he said. Yang continued saying that “The sound come neither form outside nor inside the craft” He also said that “it sounded like someone was outside the ship with a iron bucket hitting the hull or the body of the craft”

Obviously “I became very nervous” he mentioned (Who wouldn’t?) he looked in the vast outer space trying to catch a glimpse of the spooky noise that had him riled somewhat, but not to the point of fear but more of curiosity, besides, what can be done if there was something or someone lurking outside the space craft.

Just as soon a he returned back to earth, the report was made of these mysterious sounds to the technicians that service the craft. After scrutinized inspections, nothing was found on the ground nor was that sound ever duplicated on earth.  To make this even more interesting, Shenzhou 6 as well as Shenzhou 7 with China’s astronauts continued to hear the exact same knocking sounds as did Yang.  Yan Liwei informed those astronauts not to worry as the sound seems to be a normal phenomenon.


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