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KOREA (Conspiracy Talk News) – The reprisal on North Korea would be immediate, and the war would break out in a heart beat. 

One of the main reasons why the USA has not carried out a military operation against North Korea is that it is problematic and not worth it, especially with the presence of China and Russia. (The Korean peninsula serves as a buffer state).

But if North Korea attacks the US, the balance immediately changes and North Korea would be devastated by what Trump calls “fire and fury”. And many of the US allies (including South Korea) are part of a Mutual Defense Treaty, so they would do the same.

If war breaks out, what effect would it have on the world economy?

It would be devastating for the world economy. Even if the USA not be affected, the region has several of the largest economies in the world: China second, Japan third and South Korea, eleventh.

Commercial routes in the Pacific region and the main seaports of Southeast Asia would be affected.

Is it possible that there is a peace agreement between South Korea and the North?

This is a complex question and we believe that it is still too early to talk about a peace agreement.

However, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is hoping to stabilise relations with the North. So we can expect more high-level talks after the Pyeongchang Olympics.

The South Korean government is reflecting on several ideas, including the resumption of dialogue on the exchange of separated families (for war) and the reopening of the joint industrial complex in the North Korean city of Kaesong.

Could both countries progress in the process of reunification after the Olympics?

At the moment, everything looks rosy, but we must remember that this is not the first time that North Korea sends a delegation of athletes to South Korea.

They also participated in the 2014 Asian Games, which took place in Incheon, a port city west of Seoul.

In fact, relations between the two countries worsened after the 2014 Games, after the repeated tests of missiles and nuclear from the north.

How long would a peace process between North and South Korea take?

For many the most important question is not when or if it will happen, but how it will happen. And this is a question that not only to North Korea, but to other interested parties like the United States. and Japan, they would very much like to have an answer.

Several scenarios have been raised regarding the future of the Korean Peninsula. Some predicted, before the death of Kim Jong-il -the father of Kim Jong-un- in December 2011, that his death would have a blunt impact, possibly leading to the collapse of North Korea.

Evidently, that did not happen. But one thing is certain: we must expect the unexpected when it comes to relations between the Koreas.

China why does it support North Korea?

First, there are historical backgrounds that justify the relationship between the two countries. North Korea is the only official ally of China, a country that adheres to a non-alliance strategy, based on a cooperation treaty signed in 1961.

According to a treaty article, “the two parties undertake to jointly adopt all measures to prevent aggression.” This treaty assigns to China the obligation to always get involved on the North Korean side .

Another realistic reason could be the strategic value of North Korea as a buffer zone.

After the death of Mao Tse Tung in 1976, China modified its goal of achieving a solid socialist utopia in exchange for maintaining the status quo while pursuing a balance of power with simultaneous economic and social reforms.

It is very clear that taking advantage of North Korea’s geopolitical leadership would be a great option for China in its own defense.

What would China gain from a war or a peace process between the North and the South?

With the current climate of reconciliation between the two Koreas, China could hope to resume its oil exports to North Korea which represent a great economic source.

What role do Latin American countries play in the Korean conflict?

Of all the countries in Latin America, Colombia was the only country that participated in the Korean War . He sent an infantry battalion and a frigate, “Almirante Padilla”, as part of the United Nations forces commanded by the United States.

According to the historian David Bushnell, Colombia was seeking greater US economic support in exchange for its direct involvement and this may have been one of the factors behind the decision to send troops.

Colombian soldiers participated in key battles along the front, including the so-called “Punchbowl” battle in what is now part of Gangwon province, where the Olympic Winter Games will be held in Pyeongchang.


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