North Korea and Latin America. Korean President walk among his troops. Archived Image. Conspiracy Talk News

North Korea has always identified the United States as its main enemy and not so much Latin America and any future military conflict on the Korean Peninsula would most likely involve the 28,000 troops stationed south of the Demilitarized Zone and those of its ally, South Korea.

Over the years, Pyongyang’s greatest verbal threat has been directed mainly towards Washington and Seoul , very rarely elsewhere.

Although it is believed that North Korea is closer to being able to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach North America, few think it has the capacity or intention to attack Latin America.

However, recently, the United States asked Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Peru to sever diplomatic and economic relations with the North as part of a common effort to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

What are the official religions of South and North Korea? What role does religion play in the conflict between the two countries?

There are no official religions in South Korea or in North Korea. However, there are significantly more atheists (more than 60% of the population) in the North than in the South. Therefore, there are significantly more Christians (more than 28% of the population) in South Korea.

That being the case, it can be said that South Korea is a more religious country than North Korea .

Religion helps the reconciliation of these countries, instead of instigating conflicts. During the last decades, both governments have allowed non-political exchanges. Different religions, such as Buddhism, Chondoism and Catholicism are involved in exchanges between the Koreas.

What is the cause of the conflict between South and North Korea? Is it a territorial or economic dispute?

It is a very broad question, so we can only respond based on the presumption they ask about the Korean War, which has divided the peninsula for more than half a century and is the basis of the conflict.

Many scholars believe that the Cold War was a cause of the Korean War.

Relations between the two occupation forces were not good, and when China became a communist in October 1949, the US president was concerned that other neighboring countries would also be converted to communism, such as Japan.

Although it was the ideology that generated the war in the 40s, it is now geopolitics that has replaced the role of the Cold War by maintaining the conflict between the two Koreas .

The rise of China, in particular, has made the United States more nervous about its role in the Far East.

As a result of the Korean War, which technically has not ended, the two Koreas do not recognize each other as sovereign states. For example, the constitution of South Korea claims the entire peninsula as its territory and defines its northern neighbor as the country’s main enemy.

How many opposition leaders are there in North Korea who could challenge Kim Jong-un?

Opposition leaders do not exist in North Korea.

The reason is that if they criticize Kim Jong-un, they could be executed on the spot.

The North Korean Constitution stipulates that “the parties are guaranteed to act freely” but all political organizations are controlled by the Workers’ Party of Korea.

For example, there is a Korean Social Democratic Party in the North. However, it is not an opposition party but a propaganda group for the regime .

In conclusion, there are no opposition leaders in North Korea who could challenge Kim Jong-un.


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