The Kremlin on Wed rejected any kind of involvement from the 2016 meeting involving the oldest son of US President Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney at law.

“We have previously stated that we’re not at all aware of this entire story. We’ve never been in contact with this kind of lawyer and that we do not have anything to say on this story, “said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov.

The case is “a soap opera which has survived quite a long time and may contend with the most famous soap operas in america, but do not associate with a soap opera like that, we don’t participate in it and we will not do it,” he included.

United states President Donald Trump’s eldest son confessed Tuesday that he had met in a 2016 election campaign with a lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaia, presented as a possible emissary with the Russian government, who could supply compromising information about then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

This mind blowing revelation is another segment within the limitless scandal over Russia’s presumed interference within the presidential political election, which is being investigated by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and the US Congress.

Peskov also deemed “absurd” the belief that Trump’s son may possibly consider Veselnitskaia for an emissary of the Kremlin. “An attorney represents the Russian State only if he participates in a case as a representative of the Russian State. This is simply not the case, “he explained.

Veselnitskaia itself rejected being associated with the Russian govt, plus in an interview together with NBC stated that it doesn’t possess the information that Donald Trump Jr. sought.

Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov explained he heard the case on tv on Tuesday evening.

“This early morning I turned on the television again and all sorts of Western chains just talked about this. It is surprising to discover how really serious people would turn a little mountain in to a mountain. Yet maybe there isn’t any mountain, “said Lavrov via Brussels.

Peskov in addition rejected that the Kremlin was in contact with Russian millionaire Aras Agalarov, who in accordance with one of the e-mails published had compromising information and facts with the Clinton campaign.



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