Rat in a cage in Elyria, Ohio. AP/ Scott Shaw

Humane Society (HS) of Canada stated that a “women living in a one bedroom apartment in the Northern part of Ontario now faces major charges for having hundreds of rats living in her apartment”. The rats were removed by HS staffers and according to the officials; the woman will burden the costs for the removal.

Daryl Vaillancourt a spokesman for the North Bay HS stated that “Most of the rats were running free in the apartment on December 16th 2016”.

When City officials arrived at the seen the woman promptly and with no resistance surrendered the little critters numbering more the 600, “the removal process took several days” said one official.

These pet rats were transported to various humane centers as well as SPCA locations within the province of Ontario. One SPCA spokesman said, “These animals will find new homes in the near future”.

The 51 year old owner of the pet rats was issued a citation to appear at the North-Bay Court room February 3rd to face SPCA violation Charges.

She was charged with “failure to provide sanitary living conditions, permitting distress to pets and fail to provide appropriate and adequate medical attention to a pet”.


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