Las Vegas: Marilou Danley, the 62-year-old girlfriend of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock who was out of the country when Paddock carried out the mass shooting and killed 59 people. This biggest mass killing in the U.S. left community shocked and looking for answers for why this tragedy struck unknowingly.

Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Is Not a Person Of Interest, May Be Questioned

How and when did Paddock accumulated 47 Firearms and meticulously planned this massacre? Why did he rain bullets on the 22,000 concertgoers who had gathered for enjoying country music? How could he kill 59 people and injured hundreds of them mercilessly?

These questions have been looming over the Las Vegas community and family members of the people gathered for the Route 91 Concert.

Police searching the 32nd Floor hotel suite found Paddock carrying Danley’s identity on him at the time he was residing there. These items initially made her a Person of interest. However, the Police cleared her after the detectives contacted her over the phone.

Arrived on Tuesday Night, Danley met the authorities at Airport and is said to be questioned to gain insight of the shooter’s mind and motive behind the crime.

Meanwhile, the President Donald J. Trump commended the Las Vegas Police Department for preventing more killings and finding the shooter so quickly.

Danley Was Married Twice and Had Two Social Security Numbers

According to an Associated Press, Danley had two social security numbers. A native of the Philippines, Danley was married to Joe Bustos who she divorced in 2015. She came to the US and took her second husband’s surname Danley.

Her two identities clashed when she filed for Bankruptcy in 2012. She also has a daughter living in California. Her LinkedIn profile lists her as a “high limit hostess”.

She had left the home she shared with Paddock two weeks before the incident and is reported to visit her family in the Philippines.

Eric Paddock, the brother of Shooter declared her as a nice lady with a facebook page who sent his mom homemade cookies.

Stephen Paddock Wired $100,000 to the Philippines

Authorities combing through Paddock’s personal and financial records discovered Paddock had wired $100,000 to Philippines in the last week. This is unclear whether the money was transferred to Danley or to take care of family members in Philippines.

Eric Paddock who is still shocked and dumbfounded over the whole scenario stated Paddock may have sent her the money to manipulate her into staying there while he descended himself into hell.

“One hundred thousand dollars isn’t that huge amount of money. Condemn Steve for gambling. Steve took care of the people he loved. He made me and my family wealthy.”,

he added.


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