An officer of the Metropolitan Police of Las Vegas in a training exercise. Isaac Brekken The New York Times

VEGAS (Conspiracy Talk News) –  Las Vegas will be protected with nearly 2,000 members of the National Guard and local police, with air support and sniper support, to ensure security in the massive New Year’s celebration after the worst shooting massacre in modern history in  the United States. 

The airport and other sensitive spots in the city of casinos, such as its famous boulevard Strip, where the massacre was committed on October 1st, will receive special vigilance so that the more than 330,000 expected attendees can celebrate the new year without any surprise.

In addition to the presence of 1,500 policemen and 360 members of the National Guard, at least 20 military vehicles will monitor the area and will supply the rapid response units usually deployed in this type of celebrations.

“We have the helicopters that will be guarding the area, medical attention in special points and snipers in certain buildings that, for obvious reasons, we can not divulge where they are,” said officer Aden Ocampo-Gómez.

The spokesman of the Metropolitan Police of Las Vegas said that, despite this strong deployment, attendees will not notice the “difference” and may “have fun without feeling that something is happens.”

Surveillance to prevent a repeat of last October’s massacre, which killed 58 people attending an outdoor concert, will also include intelligence experts, as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has upheld the protocol security to Level 1, the maximum.

A good number of local police officers already work on the Strip where parties and performances by Britney Spears, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5, among others are taking place.

In addition, the police indicated to local media that they will use drones to monitor the crowds and any unusual activity, as well as identify and trace possible suspicious packages.

So far the Metropolitan Police of Las Vegas received five drones days before the shooting, although they had not yet begun to use them when Stephen Paddock began firing from the hotel and casino Mandalay Bay to the crowd gathered at a nearby concert.

The local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) remain uncertain about the reasons that led Paddock to commit this massacre in which more than 500 people were injured.

In regards to the shooting, the FBI hopes that the report on the possible causes of that massacre can be announced when by the first anniversary of the tragedy.

However, the authorities say that the city is ready to remove any doubt that the shooting may have shed on its ability to protect crowds at events such as the night of December 31, but reminded people to collaborate with police if they hear or see anything.

Neither the Strip, where the October incident occurred, nor Freemont Street, in the centre of the city, will be allowed access with backpacks, large bags or packages, glass containers, or portable refrigerators.

Attendees will be able to carry only bags or small wallets where, literally, no gun will fit within 3 miles (5 km) of the Strip that will be closed to traffic on Sunday night.

This area will also be protected with about 800 barricades  of cement to prevent anyone from entering with a vehicle in the area to commit a massive attack to those attending the concerts and see the fireworks offered by the main casinos in the city.


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