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Laser varicose veins treatment involves the use of thermal lasers to penetrate and destroy bulging blood vessels, normally in someone’s leg. This condition, known as varicose veins, occurs when blood vessels begin to malfunction and cause blood to pool up.

When the blood pools up in and around the blood vessel valves it creates a visible bulging effect on the skin. This condition can result in swelling, discomfort and even blood clotting of left untreated.

It is also an unsightly condition that causes people to be embarrassed of revealing their legs. For these reasons professional clinic treatment has become more popular with those suffering.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to seek out laser varicose veins treatment.

Regain self confidence

One of the main reasons people look to remedy their condition with laser varicose veins treatment is that they have experienced a drop in self-confidence. Bulging blood vessels are not always painful or uncomfortable, but they an unsightly blemish on the skin that people are afraid to reveal.

This prevents many people from engaging in social activities that may involve showing their legs, such as swimming. This can have a profound effect on someone’s self-confidence as they exclude themselves from activities for fear of revealing their problem.

This self-exclusion can result in profound emotional and physical ailments. It’s best for those affected not to linger with this issue but to engage with laser varicose veins treatment so they can enjoy an active and social lifestyle again.

Preventing more serious conditions

If the bulging blood vessels are not remedied they can lead to more serious conditions. This can range from bleeding effects to DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

DVT occurs when the blood in a vessel pools up to the point that a clot forms. This can lead to leg pain and swelling although it can sometimes manifest without noticeable symptoms.

DVT is serious because the blood clot that forms can become loose and travel up to the lungs, which can be a cause of death.

Low invasiveness, high efficacy

In the past, treatments for the condition such as stripping (surgically removing the problem blood vessels) were the only relief people could get. These practices are considered primitive by today’s standards as they were highly invasive, painful and required long recovery times.

Modern laser varicose vein treatments, such as EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) treat the problem blood vessels with a laser that uses heat to collapse the walls of the blood vessel. The blood vessel is effectively sealed shit so that blood no longer passes through it.

The blood in the faulty blood vessels will naturally be diverted to other parts of the leg. Because the problem blood vessels are superficial, they are not required for bodily function and can be safely removed.

Laser varicose vein treatments like EVLA are highly accurate, with many using ultrasound technology to assist the process. After the procedure is complete there is very little downtime depending on how serious the condition was to begin with.

Outpatient care is very minimal, with people being able to resume normal activities in a day or two at the most. Both legs can be treated in the same session meaning people can treat their entire condition in just one visit for professional laser varicose veins ablation.

In fact, clinical studies have supported the 98% effectiveness of EVLA in treating faulty blood vessels with excellent long-term outcomes. Because of the ease of laser varicose veins treatment, more people have been able to access it and get rid of their unsightly blood vessels.


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