Istanbul Nightclub Armed Attack

New years eve- 39 died and several wounded at Istanbul nightclub, when an armed gunman targeted a famous symbol of a cosmopolitan Istanbul. A dazzling nightclub where people from all over were partying together.

Attack took place, at a nightclub named Reina on the Bosporus. The nightclub is said to a hotspot for professional athletes and other soap opera stars.

The attack is said to be the second in the two weeks in Turkey. The assault also the fault lines in a country which is pointing directly out on the political disability and instability.

Asli Aydintasbas, a prominent Turkish writer said in a statement:

“Nothing that the government is doing is helping make Turkey more secure,”. “The crackdown on domestic dissidents is further destabilizing the country, and when it is not destabilizing, it is increasing the dangerous polarization here.”

On Sunday, Mr. Erdogan vowed in a statement:

They are working to destroy our country’s morale and create chaos by deliberately targeting our nation’s peace and targeting civilians with these heinous attacks,”.“We will retain our coolheadedness as a nation, standing more closely together, and we will never give ground to such dirty games.

According to the reports, around 1:15 a.m, an armed gunman with a rifle, shot dead a police officer who was guarding the club before going inside. Where, due to the ensuing panic, people there jumped into the Bosphorus, which separates Europe from Asia.


Manhunt Underway!:

People are said to be mourning for the loss of their loved one everywhere!:

Ms.Ozman, who visited her wounded brother in the hospital after the assault said:

“He was covered in blood. I barely recognized him at first. He is in complete shock.”

The Nightclub Attack : Full Coverage:

  • Manhunt is underway for Istanbul nightclub attacker
  • 39 dead, which includes 25 foreigners
  • Witnesses describe that people in the club panicked
  • British tourists are urged to be more vigilant


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