Life for Democratic Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has become a little tougher. Democratic party officials have sued Donald Trump in four states. The presidential candidate was sued on Monday. The officials wanted to shut down several poll watching units completely. The poll-watching unit was carefully designed to harass minorities on the big day (November 8). The lawsuits were raised in the courts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada. The officials mounted their argument on the following concept “Voter intimidation”. Trump’s campaigns are believed to violate the 1871 Law (this law was initially aimed at Ku Klux Klan) and 196 Voting Rights Act.

The Real Words

Here are few words from the Ohio Democratic Party: Donald Trump has advanced his campaigns of “voter suppression” by using many tools. He is using his supporters to suppress and intimidate voters unlawfully. The language used in the official lawsuit was very similar. However, Donald Trump and his supporters remained silent to these cases. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton believes that Donald Trump is discouraging participation from the November 8 election. Clinton raised this point during her campaign in Ohio. Here are few words from Clinton’s speech, “His entire strategy is to cut down (suppress) votes. Lots of noise and distractions”.

A Bad Move

Since early August, Trump advised and forced his supporters to keep an eye on polling locations. He made this move to get rid of fraud votes. Unfortunately, this was not a great idea! There are separate lawsuits asking him to get rid of these security measures.

USA TODAY’s investigation example below

“Trump faces significant open litigation tied to his businesses: angry members at his Jupiter, Fla. golf course say they were cheated out of refunds on their dues and a former employee at the same club claims she was fired after reporting sexual harassment. There’s a fraud case brought by Trump University students who say the mogul’s company ripped them off for tens of thousands in tuition for a sham real estate course.

Trump is also defending lawsuits tied to his campaign. A disgruntled GOP political consultant sued for $4 million saying Trump defamed her. Another suit, a class action, says the campaign violated consumer protection laws by sending unsolicited text messages”.


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