After 10 years locked in a cage, a Vietnamese bear named Hai Chan, managed to see the light for the first time.

In some images broadcast on social networks is seen in the conditions he lived -without space-. However, the bear was rescued and the moment when this bear looks curiously to see the light, is breathtaking.

The reason why they had her in captivity is nursing it to health from certain ailments.

In fact, doctors used traditional Chinese medicine that’s often used against sore throat, epilepsy or certain types of cancer.

Although bile farms are illegal in most countries, there are still many throughout Asia. It is estimated that these bile farms have captured about 12,000 bears, and the trade of their bile is a business of approximately $ 2 billion per year.

They capture the bears when they are small, they are enclosed in tiny cages and bile is extracted directly. Sometimes the bears and their front legs amputated to produce a wine made with the tip of the submerged animal in alcohol.


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