Cuban writer Leonardo Padura gestures during an interview with Conspiracy Talk News at his home in the Mantilla neighborhood, Havana, on February 7, 2017 Conspiracy Talk News

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura does not like to talk about the late Fidel Castro. said “what you say always goes wrong.” But with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, does not bite his tongue enough.

In an interview with Conspiracy Talk News, the author of The Man Who Loved Dogs questions the “coherent” lack of response to Trump by Europe and Latin America. As a result, he adds, people are finding more answers in the literature than in politics.

Here are excerpts from his answers.

– With Trump’s election, did your faith or skepticism increase in democracy?

Neither one nor the other. I think it alarmed me that we think we can sometimes have limits and then we find that it has no limits and is only human stupidity. I believe that Trump becoming president of the United States is an act of stupidity and arrogance (…)

I am very worried, above all, that he is planting seeds that are very dangerous and that they are going into fertile ground because there is an important sector of American society that is afraid of the other, who thinks that the enemy is Outside, who lives terrified by the different, and all speeches of Trump sound good to the ears.

There is, fortunately, a part of the American population that is in the streets today, a good part of it trying to avoid the disaster. I do not know if (Trump’s election) is a defect of democracy; If you have to be a bit skeptical from now on, what I do believe is that we all need to be a little more responsible and specifically I think Latin America has not given a coherent answer to what is happening, I feel that answer is missing .

Why after the arrival of Trump to power, did sales multiply of the 1984 book of George Orwell?

I think it’s because people do not (find) answers in politics. I think politicians and this sentiment I was telling you earlier can support that, because even in Europe or the United States there has been a consistent uprising or awakening and people are looking for answers wherever they can find them. There are some who go to church and pray, find the answer there; Others read literature and find them there. I think that in 1984 and surely, at some point, in La conjura contra América (by Philip Roth), they will find there reflections of what can happen in a society that is going to control or that enters into another control, becomes a sick society.

What will happen to Cuba in the Trump era?

I think we are looking forward to seeing what happens next, as we see that he has been aggressive with Mexico. With other countries it has not yet been directly, it has not been even with Cuba, which was expected. (…) Donald Trump had said that when he assumed the presidency he was going to review the relations between the United States and Cuba, and we are as if waiting to see if he reviews them and how he reviews them. Everyone is like waiting to see what Trump does.


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