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Death is something no one can run from, but scientists have given us a ray of hope lately. According to scientists, you may feel some sort of awareness even after your brain shuts down, and the shutting down of the brain is a clear sign of death.

This subject is still controversial and scientists don’t agree on it. Many studies have been conducted so far to find the truth. For instance, the University of Southampton scientists spent more than 4 years to know if there is life after death. During their studies, they examined over 2,000 patients who had cardiac arrests. They were being treated in the hospitals of USA, UK and Austria.

The scientists discovered that around 40% of the patients experienced some sort of awareness after their hearts stopped beating. The patients narrated their experiences after their hearts starting beating as a result of the medical treatment.

One patient described that he saw himself leaving his body when he was clinically dead in the hospital. He was a 57 years old social worker and lived in Southampton. According to him, he remembered what the nursing staff was doing to him, and he could even remember the sounds of the medical equipment.

In a statement, Dr Sam Parnia said that we know our brains can’t work after our hearts stop beating. He is a researcher at the State University of New York. Dr Sam further said that it looks like that we have some sort of awareness even after our hearts stop beating and brains shut down. The maximum time our brains continue their functions after our hearts stop beating is 30 seconds.

During the study, scientists examined 2,060 patients whose hearts were blocked and only 330 of the patients survived. When asked, 39% patients described experiencing some type of awareness during their period of clinical death.

 Furthermore, around 25% of the survivors said that they experienced a strange type of peacefulness. Some said that they had felt as if the pace of time had slowed down. Some said that they had seen a bright light or a bright Sun. Some survivors even said that they saw themselves leaving their bodies.

According to Dr Parnia, many people have strange experiences during the time of their death. Most of them don’t remember anything because of the sedatives and drugs they are given during the treatment.

Experts believe that patients do have odd experiences when they are about to die, but don’t have any solid evidence to prove their beliefs. Some people call them illusions or hallucinations, but the experiences of the patients match actual events.

Is there life after death? Well, it’s a mystery. And to solve this mystery, scientists have been conducting investigations across the globe. Death is something we all have to give a hug to, but the important point is if there really is a life after this life, what will it look like? What do we need to do in order to make sure we will have a peaceful existence in the hereafter? Let’s hope scientists will be able to explain this before long.

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