Arrested for terrorist piloting. Archived Photo - Conspiracy Talk News

LONDON (Conspiracy Talk News) – British police arrested a fifth man suspected of involvement in the planning of terrorist attacks.

A police spokesman reported Saturday that a 21 yr old male had been arrested Friday evening on suspicion of preparing “acts of terrorism.” This individual was not identified at this time and “no criminal charges have been laid for now” said a spokesperson.

Authorities are examining a couple buildings in the city of Sheffield, 275 kilometers or (170 miles) north of London, just after the arrest, according to law enforcement officials.

Four other men were arrested in the Sheffield area on November 19th. Two of them have been accused of participating in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

The two men, who were identified as Iraqi Kurds, must appear before the court in January of the new year.

Police said one of the suspected males arrested on December 19th was released while the rest remain in jail awaiting trial.


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