One of the greatest movie and book series of all time, the lord of the rings, is being adapted into a television series by Amazon studio.

Amazon is currently in talks with television giants Warner Bros, but the discussions are believed to be in preliminary stages only. The project is believed to be a top priority as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is personally involved in the negotiations.

With the game of thrones coming to it’s last season, this could be its successor, both having a series of well-authored books.

The Lord of the rings is a tale of a young a Hobbit, Frodo Baggins, who ventures into a journey with his best friend, Sam, to destroy a ring with the sole aim of restoring some sanity to the world of Middle Earth. “The adaptation is still in young stages, and the deal hasn’t even been finalized yet. A project of such magnitude could draw a significant following to Amazon Studios, and attract viewers from different corners of the globe,” Bryan Bishop remarked.

“Lord of the Rings would match Game of Thrones when it comes to fantasy and adventure, but the books aren’t known for being filled with drama, nudity and violent antics that Game of Thrones is popular for,” added Mr. Bishop.

Amazon studio will surely have to spend big for their dream to come true. The Lord of the Rings series project comes with an upfront rights payment in the range of $200 – $250 million. Cumulative costs of a fantasy series this big could amount to anything between $100 and $150 million in a single season.

The airing of the series will hamper series commitments that Amazon has made in the past, but the series has a lot of potential to fill the huge void that will be present once Game of Thrones comes to an end.


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