Lucas is the new "Gerber baby". with Down Syndrome.

Lucas is the new “Gerber baby”. His election represents a historic moment for the company, and also for society.

Lucas is the first baby with Down syndrome that was chosen to be the image of the brand.

Gerber announced on Wednesday the selection of Lucas, who will appear in all promotional material for the brand, as well as in commercials. 

It is the first time that a child with this condition who became the poster child of the company in its 91 year history.

Lucas won among more than 140,000 candidates. 

In addition to becoming an icon, the 18-month-old baby’s family will receive $50,000.

Gerber’s CEO Bill Partyka said in a statement: “Lucas’s winning smile and happy expression won our hearts this year, each year we choose the baby that best exemplifies Gerber’s long heritage of recognising that all Babies are Gerber babies, and this year Lucas is the perfect choice.”

On the other hand, the parents hope that the choice of Lucas allows the opening to society towards children with special conditions and disabilities.

“This is a moment of great pride for us as parents, knowing that Lucas has a platform to not only share joy throughout the country. I hope this opportunity puts attention on communities with special needs and educates people about acceptance and support. Individuals with special needs have the potential to change the world, “said his mother, Cortney Warren. 


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