The majority of us adore a very good conspiracy theory once in a while, and it’s best once they just cannot be disproved using the facts available.

So why do we love to see these so much, well, possibly for the same reason folks like detective films or mystery books, it makes us think, trying to put the clues together. Life is full of uncertainty, nevertheless, it is the nature of things and what makes the life experience so interesting. Let’s talk shall we?

Not long ago, I viewed a conspiracy theory video titled; “20 Dark Predictions for 2013-15: Global Debt Collapse, 2nd Amendment, WW3 Iran & False Flags,” after watching that, I just laughed and told my friend; “These spectacular conspiracy theories are just wonderful muses for all us Sci-fi writers – what might I actually do without all this blather?” In reality, my personal conspiracy theory connoisseur did not wish to give up these outrageous predictions very easily and stated;

“Name one ‘spectacular conspiracy theory’ which was brought up, and DEBUNK it, or shut the hell up.”

Well, what I think is funny is the fact that these lists show up every year and then when that time goes by they lengthen the date a few more years, now we’re up to not 2017 yet again in 2018 the planet will still be here but not much will have altered or changed, a bit more sound and fury to the brainless masses I suppose, something to market textbooks, newspapers as well as feed the late night talk show audience. Hey I am all for it, being a Sci Fi author, I only say bring it on. However, you know – actuality has its own spot too right?

I asked my acquaintance if he would like to debate these types of conspiracies each separately, and i also told him “I’m game – studied up and understand the value in plausible deniability – entertaining stuff,” after which I joked; “you know Chimpanzees plus humans can interbreed right – same species – it is simply that some people are a higher order folks don’t fall for that old bananas trickery.”

As you can tell we were prepared to get into an action packed dialogue on the most recent and greatest conspiracies. What is it about the human mind that triggers us to find an understanding of our surroundings, to try to make sense of the world, to place aside uncertainty or perhaps remove questions of things which seem to escape reasoning? Could it be that our love of conspiracy theories is simply part of who we are and how we think? Make sure you think about all this and consider onto it.


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