On another occasion, Stanford University conducted a study in which he was shown to a group of participants the film JFK, a fiction film by Oliver Stone that turned on the idea that Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy within the US government . The film is not a documentary and claims not include any decision or actual witnesses. It is evidence that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy in the same way that the third Transformers movie is evidence that the Apollo moon landing mission discovered the Decepticons on the dark side of the moon.

However, the forms completed by participants after watching the film showed that most left with feelings of anger and despair, and a general lack of willingness to accept the official story. They reported later that they felt disillusioned with politics and less enthusiastic about voting. After all, what does it matter? You are voting for Zionist Freemasons illuminati new world order you choose whom you choose.

In another study , people who heard conspiracy theories about global warming were less interested in reducing their contribution to carbon production. In both cases, the theory gave them the excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway.

So the conspiracy theories end up being the tocomocho in which the fictional version of the problem absorbs energy that otherwise would be actually employed in making things better.

Meanwhile, others will give the coconut trying to refute these theories, as if providing information really meant something.

To try to stem the rising tide of kids falling sick with measles because their parents are afraid of the bogeyman autism science has been forced to pump money into the matter again and again, providing study after study showing the lack of relationship.

That money could have been used in researching cancer cures or to develop better vaccines. Or even a serum to inject Jenny McCarthy in the brain that directly eliminated stupidity.

But instead he is sponsoring studies to refute the same old slogans about autism and vaccines.

And all this is useless, because for conspiracy theorists whole new evidence is just another proof that “men in Black” are working against them. “If you have no danger why are there so many scientists doing studies?”.

And while reports on climate change and its increasing and terrifying effects continue to accumulate, we are still trying (and failing) to convince people that it is real and caused by humans.

Hell, even President Obama has had to take the trouble to go to the country to show his birth certificate.

All this strange glitch in the human mind that makes us gravitate around the most unlikely version of an event, then congratulate ourselves for having the “courage” to face these “experts” telling us we’re damn wrong.

If you can find the solution to fix this, well, congratulations for having saved the world.




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