Resources from Malta claims that it is early to say whether the two men who were held responsible for hijacking a Libyan plane had any links to terror groups.

As per the reports, the hijackers did not demanded anything, especially not when they were seen holding the crew and passengers nor when they surrendered themselves to the Maltese authorities, said the Police officials.

At first, it was claimed that the two men had only demanded an asylum in Europe and wanted to form a new political party there.

Whereas, the one who threatened on Maltese television to blow the plane up with his hand grenades, was being held arraignment during the ongoing investigation.

The Police interviewed all the passengers and the crew present on the flight right before they were sent back to their home to Libya on Saturday.

It is being said that the two Libyan Hijackers had also diverted the domestic Flight on Friday. The drama ended peacefully after hours of negotiations with them and freeing all the 117 people on board.


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