They say that the course of true love never runs smoothly, and a man in Kenyan has certainly discovered that to be true. In an effort to bolster his carnal success rate, the black magic practitioner put together a love potion he thought would be guaranteed to do the trick. It worked, with one unfortunately side effect – the man’s mother-in-law now keeps pestering him for sex.

Dr Mugwenu – a witchdoctor in Kenya whom is held in high regard – has revealed that recently he was approached by a desperate young man who was not having a lot of luck with the opposite sex. The good witchdoctor concocted one of his most pungent love spells and all seem to be going well.

Man pleased with success – though not totally

However, Dr Mugwenu was shocked when he later received a letter from the same young man. In it the man stated “I have come to prove that you are the most powerful spell-caster in Africa” and that for a spell “I did for enjoying [sic] as many girlfriends as I want.”

Things then seemed to take a turn in a very dark direction – or at least an apparently unwanted one. The young man confessed that due to Dr Mugwenu’s black magic skills, he had ended up getting hitched up with his mother-in-law “by accident”.

Does Dr Mugwenu provide a love spells reversal process?

The young man did not seem to be happy with this state of affairs. He asked that Dr Mugwenu provide him with a ‘reversal service’ as his mother-in-law was “all over me.

”The letter continued: “I do not want to make love with her and I have tried to run away but she won’t back off. Please help me doctor please I’m begging. I will come back to Kisumu next month. Will I be able to meet you?”

It isn’t known as to what Dr Mugwenu’s response was, or if he is even able to provide a ‘reversal service’. After falling out of fashion black magic love spells are back on the agenda with young people, thanks to increased advertising on social media.


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