Electric Generator Theft. Archived Photo.

A man was killed today, Tuesday, in an attempt to rob him of a electric generator installed in his home, located on the PR-155 road in the La Granja sector in Vega Baja.

According to the news report from Police, the incident occurred at 2:22 am when several individuals broke into the vicinity of the residence to appropriate the electric generator.

The man identified as Raúl E. Sandoval León, 47, engaged in an exchange of gunfire with the criminals resulting in a bullet wound. As a result of the bullets received, Sandoval León died on the scene.

It should be noted that this is the second death reported so far this year in this municipality, since yesterday -in the beginning of 2018- the first murder was also reported in this town. 

These events occurred at the intersection of roads PR-644 and PR-137 in the direction of Morovis to Vega Baja where the authorities located a burnt corpse, police confirmed.

Car Theft Attempt

On the other hand, a car robbery where a man was wounded by a bullet was reported at 2:22 am today on Avenida Roberto H. Tood in front of the 666 store in Santurce.

According to the police report, the 21-year-old injured said, two individuals intimidated, threatened and carried firearms stripped him of his 2006 Toyota Corolla vehicle.

Immediately afterwards, one of the individuals shot him, wounding him in the area of ​​the left gluteus. The injured party was transported to the Medical Center in Río Piedras in stable condition.

Hours later, the vehicle was recovered in the town of Gurabo.

The agent, Edwin Cordero assigned to the Division of Robberies of the Criminal Investigation Body (CIC) of San Juan took charge of the investigation. 


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