A male that was apparently armed blocked vehicles heading both ways on the Hoover Dam close to Las Vegas, ultimately getting apprehended, the Nevada Highway Patrol pointed out.

Police officers coming from the Arizona Highway Patrol, in addition to Lake Mead, Boulder City and also Las Vegas reacted to the situation, as mentioning by regional networks.

The male was identified as being armed using a “machine gun,” the Las Vegas Sun mentioned, said Local area Law enforcement officer Jay Rivera.

Authorities have not had the ability to verify the report,at this time.

“The facility is closed and tours suspended until further notice,” the USA States Agency of Reclamation, that takes care of the dam for the Dept of the Interior, explained Friday afternoon.

Basing on pictures released by neighbourhood TELEVISION station KLAS, the suspect was actually inside an armoured vehicle, and also had taped written notes to the vehicles window.

One of these notes said “Mr. President release the reports,” as mentioning by an eye witness quoted through KLAS.

The suspect at some point drove over the bridge right into Arizona territory, wherein this individual was apprehended “without incident,” the Nevada Police force claimed.

Highway 93 was closed in both directions up until about 1:30 pm hours local time.


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