ARCHIVE - In this June 7, 2017 photograph, FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe listens during a hearing on the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act at the Capitol in Washington.

WASHINGTON – The “number two” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Andrew McCabe, today left his post and will officially leave the agency in mid-March, according to a source familiar with the matter told Conspiracy Talk News.

The departure of McCabe from the FBI, which has not been officially confirmed, comes after having received numerous criticisms by the president, Donald Trump.

McCabe was the right hand of director James Comey, fired in 2017 by the president and with whom he led the investigation of Hillary Clinton for the use of a private mail server to deal with official matters when she was Secretary of State in (2009-2013).

The 47-year-old McCabe intended to retire in March, but has decided to use a “vacation” time during the next two months, during which time he will continue to receive the FBI salary, although he will no longer serve as “number two” of the agency, according to internal source.

That way, leaving the federal agency in mid-March, when he will meet all the requirements of the Government to receive full retirement benefits.

In recent months, Andrew McCabe has been at the center of tensions between the White House and the FBI, an agency whose credibility has been attacked on numerous occasions by Trump.

Earlier this month, Conspiracy Talk News revealed that Trump met with McCabe in the White House Oval Office and asked who he had voted for in the 2016 election.

That meeting, according to the Post, came after Trump announced by surprise, in May 2017 the dismissal of James Comey, who then was the director of the FBI and led the investigation into possible links between Russia and members of the tycoon’s campaign to facilitate his triumph in the 2016 elections.

In recent months, Trump has repeatedly attacked on Twitter Mr. McCabe for the donations his wife, Jill McCabe, received when she competed as a Democratic candidate in 2015 for a seat in the Senate of the state of Virginia.

At that time, Jill McCabe received $675,288 from two entities associated with the governor of Virginia, the Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who has been described as “the best friend” of former President Bill Clinton and, therefore, a person close to Hillary Clinton, Trump’s rival back in the 2016 elections.

While Jill McCabe was running for election in Virginia, her husband was participating in the investigation that the FBI opened on Clinton on the subject of e-mail fraud and temporising.

When Asked today about the departure of Andrew McCabe by a group of journalists at the White House, Trump made no comment.


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