London, Ontario  (Conspiracy Talk News) –  Young female Victims were met by adult males in Stratford, Eastern London, prior to being taken in a different secluded location and sexually attacked.

Law enforcement believe that they’ve uncovered this so called grooming gang operating in plain sight at a London McDonald’s restaurant.

4 young ladies in between 13 & 15 currently have reported to police that they were raped from the group centered in the Stratford fast-food joint.

3 young boys as well as 3 older males have been charged after a crack-down which has revealed no less than 30 probable victims.
A procedure code named Grand-bye has been launched as soon as the 4 supposed victims came frontward individually.

Investigator Inspector Laura Hillier, from the Downtown Police’s “sexual exploitation team”, explained to CTN News that these victims “had all been met by males at the McDonald’s on Broadway in Stratford and been taken to different places where they were sexually assaulted”.

“We believe the dimensions from it is broader than at first assumed – the amount of victims could possibly increase.”

The McDonald’s is located at the Stratford Center that detectives think is really a “pick-up” place for that grooming gang.

Stratford Center – Archived Photo

Police believe that some young ladies will be tempted there by lawbreaker gangs giving cash in return for running drugs.

In addition they believe both young boys of a comparable age group towards the young females as well as older males participate in the abuse.

Chief Simon Bailey reported: “I think grooming is taking place in towns and cities up and down the country”.

“I think more children are being exploited because the volume of reports we are receiving just keeps on growing… and there are far more victims than there are offenders.”

The youngest suspected in association with the Operation Grandbye are only Fifteen years old and so the investigation carries on.

A 34-year-old person has been charged with suspicion of rape as well as intent to provide marijuana and also a 21-year-old had been busted plus charged with marijuana possession.

One more 21-year-old male ended up being busted with suspicions of breaching his bail by being in McDonald’s plus a 16-year-old youngster had been charged also on suspicions of burglary.


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