After announcing that Prince Harry was engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, the first question that popped in many minds was whether she was considering becoming a UK citizen.

The British royal family however did not allow the question to linger for longer than it needed to as they announced to confirm that indeed she would become a citizen of the UK after the marriage. The marriage is expected to be held at Windsor Castle come next year May. The location, which is a royal residence in western London, happens to be very special to the couple according to Kensington Palace.

Markle will of course still retain her US citizenship as the processes to become a UK citizen takes place according to a spokesperson. However the same source indicated that it was too early to clearly say whether she considered retaining dual citizenship. It is a process that can take a few years. It is indeed a happy season for the royal family considering that Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are heavy with third child expected in April.

The engagement of this couple was made public on Monday, clearing speculation that had run for months. They seemed quite ecstatic as they appeared in public in Kensington Palace gardens as engaged. In the presence of reporters, Harry declared that he knew Markle was the one since day one of their meeting. The city of Nottingham made the perfect place for their joint engagement where they greeted the public as a couple for the very first time after marking World AIDS Day on Friday.

Apart from becoming a UK citizen, Markle will also be the fourth patron to the charitable organization The Royal Foundation dating back to 2009 having set up by the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge together with Prince Harry. The royal family is expected to pay for marriage ceremony elements which include flowers, music, reception and the church service according to Kensington Palace. Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are then expected to live in the palace’s Nottingham Cottage which happens to be official Duke and Duchess of Cambridge residence. Notably, Markle is making the move with her dogs as one of them is already in the country.

The meeting and engagement

The happy couple met on a blind date back in July of 2016 made possible by a mutual friend they refused to mention. The second date was a camping trip in Botswana which Harry mentioned was very crucial as they were all by themselves. Adding to this, Markle explained that being alone made them have enough time to connect after which they could hardly stay away from each other the long distance notwithstanding.

Harry proposed earlier this month when they were spending a cozy night at the Palace. According to the bride to be, the proposal was nothing short of romantic, natural and sweet. The ring has a precious stone from Botswana and also features two small diamonds from late Princess Diana’s jewelry collection. This, according to Harry will ensure his mother is with them through their journey together. The prince designed the ring and it has a yellow gold band.


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