This Wednesday, she broke a 27-day streak way from the public eye by letting herself be seen with her husband at a hurricane meeting.

The kidney operation to which the first lady was subjected in mid-May is the official reason for her estrangement from the media. However, there were so many days of recovery, that rumors about her health and the relationship with Trump increased. Both she and her husband tried to clear doubts on Twitter.

Each has his own style.

“Everyone loves you,” Donald Trump told his wife before starting a briefing on Wednesday about the hurricane season at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“She went through a difficult time,” he explained to those present, alluding to the successful surgery to treat a “benign condition” in the kidneys that she underwent on May 14th.

Due to the absence of Melania in almost a month, a series of theories began to circulate around why she was not seen.

It became known that the first lady, now 48, does not plan to accompany her husband to the G7 summit in Canada or the historic summit of Singapore with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12th.

The American president woke up this Wednesday with a desire to silence the rumors on Twitter and blamed the fake news media (false news media) of being “unfair” and “cruel” with his wife.

“During the recovery from surgery, they reported everything from almost death to a face-lift, and that left the White House (and me) for NY or Virginia, abuse … All fake,” criticized Trump.

Melania Trump has struggled in her function as first lady.

Since she arrived at the White House, her silence and routine parallel to that of the president have been the focus of attention.

At the beginning of May, 16 months after Trump took office, the Slovenian exmodel finally announced the campaign to which she would devote her efforts: Be Best (Be the Best).

But only days later she was hospitalized without warning and now, almost a month later, we saw her smile again.


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