Enrique Peña Nieto and Donald Trump. Archived photo taken back in October 16, 2017

MEXICO (Conspiracy Talk News) – The Mexican government responded to President Donald Trump about his claim that  Mexico will pay for the wall and is the most insecure country in the world.

“As the Mexican government has always said that our country will not pay, in any way and under any circumstances, for a physical barrier or wall to be built on US territory along the border with us” he said in a statement. “This determination is not part of our negotiating strategy, but a principle of national sovereignty and dignity.”

The second point was about violence and although he acknowledged that the country has a significant problem of violence, “it is not the most dangerous in the world,” as the Republican said.

” It is totally false that we are the most dangerous country in the world. According to figures from the United Nations Organisation 2014 (the most recent international report), Mexico is far from being one of the most violent countries, “he said. “Only in Latin America, other countries have homicide rates higher than us, at 16.4, well below several countries in the region.”

Trump continued to emphasised that the violence generated in Mexico is due to drug trafficking, an issue that also impacts the US as being a high consumer.

The Mexican President also spoke of the North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA ), in whose negotiations will continue with a “serious and constructive” position.

In his last point, he warned that the Mexican government, led by Enrique Peña Nieto , “will not negotiate NAFTA, nor any other aspect of the bilateral relationship, through social networks or the media.”


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