Governor Rodríguez Calderón generated discontent and laughter on stage, when he told Children who Santa clause was.

The governor of the northern state of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, revealed to Mexican children the identity of Santa Claus, in an event that generated discontent and some laughter.

He addressed the children who attended an event organized to celebrate the December holidays with the families of State police, and said: “Embrace your father, tell him that you love him very much, because your father is Santa Claus, did you know that?”

After that comment and before the people’s complaint, he added “I’m saying Santa Claus, because your dad gives happiness to many people.”

“It’s better if we as parents tell our sons: ‘Hey, look son, come over here. Here’s what’s going to happen, no one wants a fat girl.’ Yes, it’s tough, but it will get their attention,” Calderón said.

The Governor tried to explain by saying “The intent of my message was to create awareness in decision making of adolescents and prevent unplanned pregnancies,” this message was sent to twitter by him “I want to express to those that perhaps misunderstood what was not too explicit about the topic, and that might caused confusion.” He continued to say.

Governor Rodríguez Calderón was being challenged by public as well as internal governmental officials and human rights activists, in regards to his past and present very explicit remarks.

He made this statement of apology

“I apologize to those who feel insulted by these comments, my purpose is solely to raise awareness about this serious problem and get to work to raise awareness in our children and to make them more accountable for their actions”.

“judging be the severe reactions of the public” said Debbie Fontanel a reported for CTN News ” this can only escalate as a growing negative for the Governor”.  More updates to follow as this story seems to be still unfolding.



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