The man, Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 44, CTN News Photo

The Mexican who committed suicide by throwing himself from a border bridge in Tijuana was trying to return to the United States illegally after being deported when he was detained and returned to his country, the local prosecutor said Thursday.

“A year and seven months ago he was deported and was living here in Tijuana,” Mexican Attorney Jorge Alberto Alvarez of the state of Baja California, in northwest Mexico, told Mexican Radio.

The man, Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 44, resided in Tijuana but on Monday tried to enter the United States after having “some problem,” he added. He was then arrested by US immigration authorities who returned him to his country, according to investigations.

“We have a witness who notices when this person comes running, gets on the bridge (…) and says ‘do not jump’. The person (Olivas) answers: ‘because I have no other choice, there is no remedy for what I did, there is no way out’ (…) and in a matter of seconds it is over, “added Alvarez.

This was the third time Olivas was deported from the United States, where he was twice arrested on drug-related matters, according to prosecutors.

On Monday he tried to pass himself off as a resident but was arrested by US immigration officials, who returned him to Mexico on Tuesday morning.

US President Donald Trump has announced measures that reinforce immigration controls which aim to deport a good portion of the 11 million undocumented Mexicans.

Trump, who has described Mexican undocumented immigrants as “criminals,” unleashed a diplomatic battle with Mexico in January by signing decrees authorizing the construction of a new border wall, which he insists should be financed by the Mexican government.


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